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New Director Orientation Curriculum and Facilitator Guide (NDO)
by American Camp Association
Publisher:American Camp Association
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Use Agreement for NDO materials
Please read the following important information regarding the use of the NDO materials. Downloading any NDO documents indicates you have read and agreed to the following terms of use:

By downloading the NDO curriculum documents, I recognize and acknowledge that the New Director Orientation materials constitute intellectual property of the American Camping Association, Inc., and I will not reproduce, forward, use in whole, or part, without written permission from the ACA. Furthermore I agree that should I have an interest in hosting the Course, I will coordinate the offering through and with full approval of my local field office of the American Camp Association.

*Hosting Affiliate offices, in exchange for the use of New Director Orientation materials, pay royalty fees, per person at current rate of $35 per ACA member and $45 per non member.


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