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Recorded Webinar: Building a Better Lifeguard
by Diane Tyrrell
Publisher:Diane Tyrrell
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The skill sets and knowledge required to successfully lifeguard and supervise aquatics activities are often vastly different than those required to pass a lifeguarding certification class. While certification serves as a foundation, it is up to the camp operator to provide additional training, mentoring, and skills development in order to build lifeguards with competent abilities. Participate in this session to learn techniques to "build" better lifeguards at your facility. In this webinar participants will become aware of what lifeguards do/don't learn in certification training, and why this matters, learn techniques for building better lifeguards, including in-service training, mentoring, rescue skills, emergency response, hazard recognition, victim recognition, accident prevention, participant supervision and surveillance, and become aware of common "operator errors" which impact lifeguards ability to be effective, such as positioning, rotation, areas of surveillance, distraction, patron interactions, and environmental hazards..

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