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The Business of Camp—2007: Camp Salary and Compensation Reports (Residential Camps)
by American Camp Association
Publisher:American Camp Association
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Contains both the 2007 Compensation and Benefits Survey Resident Camp Summary and 2007 Resident Camp Tables. Provides the latest salary information for resident camps across the U.S. and is the most comprehensive study of salaries for camp personnel available to the industry.

The summary information features graphs and charts to highlight similarities and differences by region and sponsorship including director base salaries, change in salaries from 2005 to 2007, and other benefits provided along with their cash value. In addition, similar information is provided for other year-round positions as well as paid full-time seasonal positions.

The tables provide specific information organized by sponsor group (agency, religious, independent for profit and independent nonprofit) and region of the country (New England, Mid-Atlantic, Mid-America, Southern, and Western). Tables include information on director demographics and salary, director benefits, year-round, full-time staff salaries and benefits, and seasonal staff and benefits.

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